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Fame is a Drug….I’m Your Pusher

Apr 11 1 Comments

Red carpets, camera lights flashing, bottles popping, VIP sections behind exclusive velvet ropes….it’s like floating on a drug-induced high.  Exotic women, high rollers packaged with the default swagger that accompanies a slick black credit card, perfectly manufactured smiles, indulgent cuisine, secret parties complete with designer barely there dresses, and tomato-red soles everywhere…..and liquor flows like water in the middle the Atlantic Ocean…it’s like taking a delicious hit of the purest heroine and exhaling slowly…it’s access to the promise land, and I can be your guide.

I am a publicist, an entertainment publicist to be exact. Give me your story, your music, your product and I can flip it into that coveted commodity, so valuable no price tag is too high. This shit right here, it’s the real deal…ATTENTION. That’s right. I can make the people love you.  And when the people love you; really love you; it’s the most intense high your brain could ever possibly wrap itself around.  It’s how you’ve seen yourself in your dreams, hob-knobbing with the elite, admired by the common and envied by the less fortunate.  Whatever you experienced as a child or even a young adult, whatever hurdles you jumped, scandal you’ve overcome, hearts you broke, lies you told, none of that matters if you allow me to spin your story and lead you down this red carpet, because at the end lies validation for every single  insecure  thought that’s ever passed through your psyche. I can help you erase all of that, if only for the moment.  Your destiny is in your hands; just know that FAME can be elusive if you don’t follow her rules.

No one starts at story at the end so we know her end will justify her means, so don’t worry about the expiration before you’ve gotten started. Who wouldn’t take a chance to be adored and worshipped by the masses?  To know every man lusting over your image in the latest magazine is secretly or not-so-secretly wishing your legs were wrapped around his waist?  To know every woman you encounter is yours for the taking, all without you even opening your mouth?  Waiters in restaurants, cashiers behind registers, even the doctor at the local clinic are all vying to take a picture, be in your space, get near  that high you’re on and perhaps take a piece of it with them, just for the moment. Don’t fight it, give in to its seduction.  It’s a heady existence, complete with a ticking clock so faint its barely audible.  For some the sand never runs out, that could be you!

Once you put me on retainer, we can map out your next fix. Undoubtedly you’ll want a more potent hit after those first few pulls.  It starts with a local showcase, then graduates to performing for a packed club. What could be better than seeing strangers sing along with the words of a song you wrote, except being featured at MTV’s spring break excursion or perhaps walking the red carpet at the hip hop awards, to winning a Grammy, an Emmy?  I can take you from the Magic City, to Vanquish, to the Palms in Vegas to exclusive parties for fashion week in Paris, each high comes with more sacrifice, more money, more exposure, more consequence, until it’s all a blur. We start at gold, then push for platinum then diamond…then start back at one.

I can’t see a drawback to this drug I sell called FAME.  I dare you to find something that makes you feel better, that’s desired by more people than what I’m offering.  Sure the ride down is rocky, but that’s a risk you take with any dream, right?  Yes its rigid and demanding but the payoff is like no other.  The boundaries are strict, but again its well worth it and we all know the risks going in. This is a young man’s drug, not for the aged or experienced.  For men the expiration date isn’t as strict but women know the window is short. Apply Kanye’s workout plan to botox, restylane and endermologie, along with my fee of course and you can enjoy FAME well up through your forties. It doesn’t have to end, until its over. I’ll stay by your side until we’ve exhausted every possible angle, strategy, stunt….by any means necessary.

But for now, just enjoy the moment. Take a hit, the people love you.  It’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!  The stage is yours. You were born for this moment.  Live in this moment and just don’t look down. But if you do and it seems your high is ending, I’m your publicist. I’m your pusher. I’ll figure out a way to get you back up again.




Balancing the politics of relationship

Apr 05 0 Comments


One of the most challenging concepts PR Practitioners face in the workplace is balancing the politics of relationships. The ultimate goal is to retain a positive relationship between the client, the client’s representatives, i.e. managers, stylists, agents, etc all while maintaining positive relationships with media, brand reps and even promoters. A PR is measured by their weight in beneficial relationships that yield results.

After being in the field of PR for fifteen years this concept is still one I struggle with. I have great relationships on all sides, but admittedly lines often become blurry and there are few occasions where one party doesn’t walk away feeling slighted. My relationships with media are my bloodline, but many times I am unable to deliver an exclusive interview or behind the scenes information because I am operating on behalf of my client. Because I have been doing this for a decade and a half, I know that the same client that turns down a major exposé with a popular media outlet will undoubtedly need that outlet’s coverage before the season is over. Because I know this, it’s my job to nurture the relationship with that media outlet so when we need them, we have the option for coverage.  The same exact theory applies to promoters and even other publicists who request a clients’ presence at their event and may feel scorned if a PR they have a good relationship with can’t deliver their client. Getting the desired results your job depends on the ability to get a client to see the bigger picture, a skill the majority of talent does not comprehend.

Celebrities or successful people as a whole are used to being catered to in every way.  Their looks, beauty and or talent have afforded them the right to instant gratification. For this reason it can be difficult trying to explain to them why they need to do a particular interview, engage a brand representative or attend a specific party.
On the other hand, my job as an efficient publicist rests on my ability to deliver the clients on my roster to various outside sources.  Getting invited to the hottest events, being privy to opportunities with the largest brands and corporations and attending the livestock shows, is strictly contingent on the value of my clients.

There are no textbook answers, yet the concept is the very thing that makes a PR rep effective or non-effective. Because relationships are so vital to the success of business, it’s imperative to study the value of relationships.  When elaborating on this I am reminded of a conversation I had with a business colleague a few years ago. I was asking him for his opinion on charging a client and he said something that I never forgot. “It’s important to know your value and the value that others you work with being to the table. Once you know a person’s value, you can see how they can be an asset to what you do.” The concept seemed simple, but it’s actually multi-dimensional. Assigning value to a relationship allows you to prioritize which helps with balance. I know that I need to keep my clients happy, but I also need to have favor with press and corporate brand reps. It’s important for me to assess the value of each above and beyond the project that’s in front of me.

So many times people place value based on the other party’s current contribution to the project they are working on at the time. I call this being short-sighted. Many times a person’s talent and ability for outshine what they are doing at the moment. Prioritizing the value of relationship based on a current situation as opposed to potential and talent can be one of the biggest mistakes people make. The old adage, “the foot you step on today may be attached to the behind you have to kiss tomorrow” has been proven time and time again. Understanding and respecting the importance of building and maintaining relationship can keep you from being disenchanted later when a former employee or subordinate is suddenly in a position of authority.

There are countless books and papers dedicated to this topic. As a PR practitioner it is a daily struggle, however relationship building is a skill that applies to every profession on some level.  While studying a topic is a worthy task, the bottom line boils down to something we all were taught in kindergarten. If you treat others the way you would have them treat you, and practice Walt Disney’s commandment, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” you will be a lot closer to enjoying mutually beneficial relationships.



CIROC Ultra Premium Vodka brings the beauty & sophistication of a Sunset to the Ultimate Day Party

Mar 20 0 Comments

For More Information Contact:

Christal Jordan/Enchanted PR 678/499-0297/ Christal@enchantedpr.net Angela Watts/AW Media Group 678/637-0982/ Angela@awmediagroup.com

For Immediate Release

March 20, 2012

CIROC Ultra Premium Vodka brings the beauty & sophistication of a Sunset to the Ultimate Day Party

(Atlanta, GA) PEACH CIROC, the newest addition to the CIROC Suite of Ultra Premium Vodkas will join CIROC Original, Red Berry and Coconut in bringing the glamorously indulgent lifestyle associated with the CIROC brand to the southern charm of Atlanta’s ultimate day party, the Sunset Lounge. CIROC hosts the return of Sunset Lounge on Sunday, March 25th at Shout Restaurant, located at 1197 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30361. Located in the heart of midtown Atlanta, Shout offers an unforgettable dining experience and the rooftop bar is synonymous with Atlanta’s social scene, it’s the hottest spot to enjoy the city life, great food and drinks.

Unparallel to any other event in Atlanta, the Sunset Lounge consistently delivers beautiful guests, exotic culinary delights, incredible cocktails, and an unmatched ambiance at the most cutting edge restaurants and venues with a soundtrack provided by the industry’s hottest DJs. Atlanta’s tastemakers in social and cultural entertainment along with celebrities and key influencers mingle, mix, socialize and party in an upscale yet relaxing environment. The Sunset Lounge concept was the perfect backdrop to feature the newest addition to the CIROC brand.

Led by Brand Ambassador, Marc Bolden, CIROC seeks to further establish brand recognition in Atlanta by partnering with the city’s hottest events and venues. “CIROC is more than an Ultra Premium Vodka brand, it defines a lifestyle. With the Sunset Lounge being so popular in years past and the reputation of attracting such a sexy crowd, we knew it was a great fit. CIROC is guaranteed to take it to the next level. People can expect a totally transformed Sunset Lounge with our presence,” Bolden promises. Reminiscent of summers of the past, guests will be able to enjoy refreshing CIROC lemonade from the CIROC lemonade stand on the rooftop patio.

CIROC will host the following 2012 Sunset Lounge dates:

*Sunday March 25th *Sunday, June 17th *Sunday, October 7th
*Sunday,April 29th *Sunday, July 1st
*Sunday, May 27th *Sunday, August 5th

The Sunset Lounge Collective is comprised of ATLbarz, FCC and the Advisory Group. For more information visit http://www.sunsetloungeatl.com

CIROC will host the much-anticipated return of the Sunset Lounge on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at Shout Restaurant, located at 1197 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30361 from 2pm to 10pm. Music will be provided by V-103’s own DJ Tayrok. For VIP/Media credentials please RSVP to press@enchantedpr.net and/or requests@awmediagroup.com no later than Friday, March 23, 2012 at 5pm.

Be on the look out in Atlanta for other exclusive #CIROC_ATL parties and events. Keep up with CIROC’s Peachstate takeover by following @CIROCstarATL on twitter.

CIROC Vodka. Distilled From Fine French Grapes. 40% Alc/Vol. © 2010 Imported from France by Diageo, Norwalk, CT.
Celebrate life responsibly

BoxTops, Top Models and Sheroes

Mar 16 0 Comments

Thursday, March 15th was a huge day for Enchanted PR. My day began with a 7:30 call time for Chilli in-studio with Atlanta’s Fox affiliate. Chilli was set to do a morning interview with media maven Susan Taylor for the General Mills Boxtops event taking place later that evening at Morehouse College.

When we arrived, the General Mills Marketing Mgr, along with reps from their ad agency were waiting for us in the green room along with former Essence editor-in-chief Ms. Susan Taylor. This wasn’t my first time meeting Ms. Taylor, although of course she wouldn’t remember me. Years ago while teaching a charm & etiquette class back in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I had the opportunity to take my 15 middle school aged students to hear her speak.  Growing up I was always fascinated with words, images and advocates supporting positivity for African American women. Essence was a beacon of light for me. As a college student, I would read Ms. Taylor’s editorial commentary and feel inspired, uplifted and committed to promoting a sense of sisterhood. She was and always will be one of my Sheroes and I felt blessed to be in her presence for the second time.

Conversation in the green room was of course enlightening. While we discussed relationships and family Ms. Taylor chimed in bringing her wisdom to a discussion with much younger women. A comment was made suggesting black men are often intimidated by successful black, independent women. “Black men aren’t intimidated by success or independence, but rather by the harshness that often accompanies it, she added. I thought about her comment and realized that I agreed although I never could verbalize it that way. The conversation continued until it was time for the segment and then we were off.

On downtime I touched base with my associate Shantez ensuring the media release on Crystal Nicole was serviced on the appropriate wires. A Grammy winning singer/songwriter, Crystal Nicole managed to snag yet another celebrated international placement. A record she’d written with super producer David Guetta that was performed by Jennifer Hudson was nabbed as the theme song for Heidi Klum’s spinoff Germany’s Next Top Model. (I wonder if Tyra Banks is executive producer?)
Once I was assured the release was serviced, I was off to meet Chilli to head over to the event. I was quite impressed with General Mills dedication to education and the money invested in the event. Hosted by Morehouse College, which provided the perfect historically academic backdrop, Steve Harvey and Susan Taylor moderated an informative educational panel consisting of educator Dr. Fletcher, Spelman college president Dr. Tatum, R & B songstress Monica, actress Tisha Marting Campbell and of course our Chilli. Between Steve’s comedic yet organic wit, Susan’s positive affirmations of culture Chilli, Tisha and Monica’s evident pride in motherhood it was a great discussion.

The event was a success with over 1500 parents in attendance. For me it was a rewarding feeling being able to contribute to a cause that directly impacts our community. After going over BoxTops talking points with Chilli for the last week and a half, I doubt I will ever forget to look at a box of cereal, etc for that little yet oh so important coupon.

After the last group picture we headed back to the car. Chilli was pleased, Crystal Nicole co-signed her release via twitter and I could exhale….until the next am.



Crystal Nicole pen’s theme for Germany’s Next Top Model with help from J-Hud & David Guetta

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For More Information Contact: Christal Jordan / Enchanted PR 678/499-0297 / christal@enchantedpr.net
For Immediate Release

March 15, 2012

Crystal Nicole pen’s theme for Germany’s Next Top Model with help from J-Hud & David Guetta

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Crystal Nicole increases her international discography by penning “Night of Your Life”, the theme song for the new season of Heidi Klum’s immensely popular show ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’. Produced by platinum producer David Guetta and performed by Jennifer Hudson, Crystal Nicole knew her lyrics were in great company from the conception of the record. “The song was epic and I was so glad that Jennifer was able to bless the song with her presence,” Crystal Nicole says.

The placement was a huge coup for Crystal Nicole as Germany is the global music industry’s second largest market, not to mention being a huge fan of Heidi Klum. “Being able to add in a small way to such a mainstay conceptual show is exciting,” Crystal Nicole says, “and I’ve been a fan of Heidi Klum’s for years.”

Crystal Nicole’s success includes 4 #1 singles with Mariah Carey, Natasha Bedingfield, Monica, and Rihanna. She won the Best Dance Recording Grammy for Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World) and wrote songs for Beyonce’s Grammy winning album “I..Am Sasha Fierce.” Crystal Nicole has been consistent delivering chart-topping records since her first hit single “Touch My Body” with Mariah Carey. She is an in demand songwriter with A-list artists such as Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez and many more.

Crystal Nicole currently has her own single on David Guetta’s “Nothing but the Beat” album. The single “I’m A Machine” has received rave reviews from DJs across the country. Aside from contributing to other highly touted projects Crystal Nicole is currently working on her own project on Blackground/Interscope records. She re-located temporarily from Atlanta to LA to really focus on writing on the hottest projects in development and finishing up her solo debut. The “Night of My Life” international placement was just additional encouragement that she is fulfilling her purpose in the industry. “Singing has always been my first Love! So to be able to now write my own music and communicate it vocally to the world is priceless to me! I love performing and getting completely caught up in the moment on stage or in the booth! Words can’t express how complete I feel singing and writing… I was born for this!”

March 5 

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Today my singer-songwriter client, Crystal Nicole was interviewed by a mainstream romance website on why love songs are so much more successful in the United States than they are overseas. Crystal Nicole is a twenty-six year old Grammy-winning artist who has written for such artists as Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Natasha Bedingfield, the interviewer was a middle-aged Caucasian male with an obvious bias against contemporary urban music. The interview spanned from what makes love songs unique to the responsibility of the artist and songwriter in relation to music. Their conversation spanned across decades and genres and my client was able to effectively communicate her points while drawing the reporter into her perspective and penchant for music. By the end of the interview, my client had undoubtedly won the reporter over and he immediately emailed me asking for ways in which he could support my client’s musical efforts.

Earlier in the day another multi-Grammy award-winning client, TLC’s Chilli sat through a tedious radio media tour discussing education in relation to a major brand and their efforts to support both public and private schools. While reporter after reporter fired questions at her, she maintained her polished exterior, knowing when to pull the interviewer in with humor and when to segue into the very strategic messaging the brand paid her to deliver. After a three hour stint with over twenty interviews, the brand representative called me asking if they could twist my client’s arm in doing an additional major interview on behalf of the brand.

Needless to say, the day was a particularly rewarding one especially for my agency Enchanted PR. While I would love to credit  my superior media consulting skills for my clients ability to conduct themselves, I can’t take credit for the entire scope of the victory. Yes I do go to great lengths to media train my clients and coach them on interviews, all my media coaching skills wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans without the “right” client. In saying the “right” client, I am referring to a client who possesses the ability to reach a consumer outside their target demographic. Some call it commercial appeal. Some call it having great business sense and others refer to it as talent. I say it’s a bit of all three components mixed into one that creates the “right” client for my agency.

I’ve heard many PR practitioners say finding a client with commercial appeal can be a daunting task. I don’t think it has to be. Commercial appeal doesn’t necessarily refer to a particular look, but in my opinion is the ability to relate their look to a mass audience. For example, Lady Gaga isn’t an artist that looks like the majority of pop artists, but she is an artist that is able to clearly express her artistry so that a mass audience understands and accepts her. The key to commercial appeal isn’t in following the trend but rather being able to connect your client’s image to an audience that doesn’t look like or act like said artist. The commercial appeal lies in the ability to achieve acceptance.

Now finding clients with an great sense of business, on the other hand can be challenging. During conversations with my clients, I explain to them my reasoning and the strategy behind various interviews and partnerships/opportunities our agency secures for them. It takes a client with big dreams and lofty career goals to be able to value the strategy behind our efforts. If a client’s greatest career objective is to cover a pop magazine, there isn’t much I can do for the client and in turn there are few ways my agency can be successful through that client. Connecting with clients whose long term goals allow for PR to do what it does best, shape and mold public image to create opportunities is key in being a successful agency.

The term talent is relative. What I consider talent may or may not necessarily be what another PR practitioner considers talent. I believe that if a PR practitioner is able to effectively communicate a client’s talent then that is the right client for them. Today my client Crystal Nicole’s talent and dedication to her craft allowed her to participate in a discussion that had little to do with the lyrics she wrote for Mary J. Blige’s latest single, but instead spoke to her knowledge of the history of music. Because I am familiar with Crystal Nicole’s background, I knew I could pitch her for an interview outside of the usual pop/urban music magazine or blog site. I knew that her talent would enable her to connect with an audience outside of her targeted demographic. In similar fashion, Chilli’s talent for relating to others and being able to simplify concepts in a girl-next-door fashion made her a perfect fit for a brand looking to connect with mothers and families across cultural backgrounds. Yes both clients possess undeniable talent, but its my ability to define that talent within a pitch that makes the fit a perfect one.

As I have grown as a PR Practitioner and worked with numerous clients in various backgrounds and genres of business, I’ve learned that recruiting a new client to my roster dictates the path my agency will take towards achieving national success. It is imperative that our agency recruits clients that have career goals and aspirations that correlate with the way Enchanted PR practices PR theory and inevitably our goals have to have common ground. I look forward to working with clients who are looking to grow and want to speak to an audience that far exceeds what they see when they look in the mirror. We want to recruit clients that believe in our mission statement of creating “fairytale endings” where the possibilities are endless. Those are the clients that will create the greatest PR for us and in turn yield to a mutual success.



Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

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I was watching T.I’s “Behind the Music” and listening intently to him talk about his past experiences and what he’s learned. I heard him speak passionately about his family, friends and those close to him and I thought to myself, “I would like to be with a man like that.” As soon as the thought occurred to me I heard the mental brow-beating my college-educated counterparts might utter if they overheard my thoughts. “Why do women always go after bad guys?” “I think women enjoy being treated badly.” “I hope the women that run after bad boys get treated bad, that’s what they deserve.”

You may think I’m exaggerating but I’ve heard each of those sentences more times than I care to count from other men and women as well. I thought about it and asked myself what characteristics it was I connected with as a woman watching T.I.’s special. Unlike many would assume, I was not attracted to his slang or his run-ins with the law or even his ability to rap. I’m mature enough to appreciate a man who earns a stable living but not be blinded by it, so it wasn’t his bling bling lifestyle either. The qualities that stood out to me as attractive were his willingness to provide for and most importantly to protect his family by any means necessary. I admired T.I’s dedication to those who depended on him and his ability to show his love and appreciation for them.

In church last Sunday our speaker focused on the story of a woman who was referred to as a former prostitute and sinner. Jesus was explaining to his disciples why this woman, who his disciples pegged unworthy, had his undivided attention. She recognized who Jesus was and proceeded to kiss his feet and wash them with her hair. Jesus disciples were busy judging the woman chastising him for spending time with her. To explain his actions, he presented them with the following parable.

“There was a certain creditor who had two debtors. One owed five hundred denarii and the other fifty. And when they had nothing with which to repay, he freely forgave them both. Tell me, therefore which of them will love him more? Simon answered and said, “I suppose the one whom he forgave more.” And he said to him, “You have rightly judged.”

In life many times we don’t know to be thankful for something until we experience life without it. Jesus later explains “Her sins which are many are forgiven, for she loveth much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”

I believe that often those who are disadvantaged early on or learn hard lessons early in life appreciate the little things in life in an entirely different way than others born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth. I have a very good male friend who always tells me to look for a guy who has loved and lost as that will be the one who appreciates me. “Christal sometimes men have to lose a good woman to know how to appreciate one when he finds it again,” he tells me.

While I don’t believe this is true in every circumstance I do believe men and women alike must be shown why the little things in life like quality family time should be a priority. Sometimes when everything has been given to us we expect love should be the same. In my dating chronicles I’ve had many affluent, educated men tell me that any woman would be lucky to be with them. “I’m a rarity, women think I’m too good to be true,” one guy bragged to me after spouting off his stats, “I’m tall, don’t have any kids, educated, got a good job, my own house and a nice car.” I’ve had others expect me to be at their mercy when they showed me some attention because of their social status or prestige. Instead of convincing me of their value, this was an instant turn-off. I’m assuming it could be the equivalent of a beautiful yet stuck-up woman assuming a man should bee grateful just to be in her company.

I’ve also dated the other side of the spectrum and found a former bad boy to be internally confident, humble and loving. In fact one guy I dated that had been incarcerated as a young man told me his time away made him appreciate and cherish his family even more and he approached his romantic interests the same way.

I don’t mean to insinuate that all former bad boys make good mates or that there is anything wrong with men who have walked the straight and narrow their entire lives because that isn’t true. I have a twelve year old son who I don’t want to ever come near a jail or a half-way house. What I can say is that it shouldn’t take putting another man down to feel good about what you bring to the table. Instead of lambasting a woman who is attracted to what you consider a “bad boy” first ask her what qualities he has that she’s attracted to, if she says his prison record or his icy chain, in a word RUN. She is a simple woman. But if she mentions his heart, and ethics or his character you would be a wise man to take heed and find those qualities within yourself.

Real Rhythm and Blues Makes a Comeback With New Hearthrob KEITH DAVIS

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(Atlanta, GA) – Music experts have long lamented the absence of rhythm and blues in contemporary music. Modern day artists have jumped on the proverbial bandwagon chasing the dollars the pop audience offers and abandoning the soulful music that once defined African American culture until the genre has all but disappeared. 2010 has shown some progress of the genre returning with new artist Keith Davis.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Keith Davis is no stranger to the perils of life. As a young child a family tragedy forced Davis to turn inward for strength. He believes music became a way for him to express himself and exorcise his own pain and turmoil. Instead of shunning his roots, Davis believes in embracing everything about R&B that makes it classic and continues to resonate with true music lovers. “That music that really touches you always comes from a real place,” Davis says. He recounts going through a personal transformation in 2009 that lead to music becoming his first priority. “I felt like all of life’s tests that I had gone through and overcome personally, I needed to celebrate and share with others,” Davis says. His experiences culminated in him penning song after song, each one a personal story and triumph for Davis to share with fans. Although he had a loyal fan base, Davis’ name began to spread and the feedback was overwhelming. Soon he had completed an album and was choosing his first single that would serve as his introduction to a national audience.

Today Davis is excited about his hot new single, “What You Wanna Do” and his upcoming album. The single is available on iTunes and has been getting great reviews in the south. “What you wanna do” is an authentic R&B track and Davis’ soulful vocals are the perfect compliment. The subject nature is even reminiscent of real R&B, as Davis urges his “lady” to tell him her idea of a perfect evening. Davis’ single will impact radio fall 2010 and his album is slated to drop later in the year.

For more information or to learn more about Keith Davis visit http://www.thekeithdavismusic.com. For booking or promotional opportunities contact: Jayar Browne at 678-549-8286 or onemillionsoldinc@gmail.com

His Best Thing Pt II

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In short, she didn’t mean anything to him other than good company on occasion. He didn’t give a f*ck.

I will admit, I’ve gotten caught up in the whole don’t give a f*ck trap myself. I once had a guy tell me that he knew I wanted to be romanced and wanted a guy that would swim the widest ocean, climb the highest mountain and under no circumstances was he going to ever do that. Instead of thanking him kindly for his time and getting the heck out of dodge I continued to date him. Why would your girl do that? Youth, estrogen the fact that he resembled a young Denzel Washington..I don’t know but the point is I stayed put. Surely he doesn’t mean that I thought. I rationalized away his intent and put my head down, intent on dating him because I liked him so much. Needless to say, that particular situation came back to haunt me, horribly. Why didn’t I listen? He didn’t give a f*ck.

Later in the song, Jay Z goes on to address some of the other women he was involved with before he married Queen Bee. He apologizes briefly and assures them that it wasn’t them it was him; he then wraps it all up by saying his new bride is the best out of them all. The second verse is just as important as the first. Just because a man may not see your worth in his life, doesn’t negate the jewel that you are. It simply means he’s not the right one for you. You don’t need to feel bad about you, or anything associated with you. Its not you. It may not necesarrily be him. Its just not the right fit. The longer you stay, the longer you delay the inevitable. He doesn’t give a f*ck.

Recently after sending another toad back to the pond, I felt a little bad about how everything played out. I had finally met a guy that embodied many of the traits I had written down on my vision board and it turned out I wasn’t the match he’d written on his. My Prince Charming candidate explained that he wasn’t interested in dating a girl that worked the type of job I do. This baffled me and my feelings were hurt because I thought he should’ve been able to see enough good in me to see past his bias against my job. Before I was able to settle into a mini pity party at the fact that one I really liked didn’t return my feelings, I prayed about it and moved on assured that this guy wasn’t the right one after all. He didn’t give a f*ck.

You see if you were to go to a luxury car dealer and take a Lexus, a BMW and a Mercedes all out for a test drive, unless you were a multi-millionaire chances are you’d have to make one choice and not leave with all three. So if I consider myself a Porsche Carerra and a man isnt into Porches, but instead is more of a Lexus man, does that make my Porche any less valuable? That would be a resounding no! Whatever the rest of the girls Jay Z dated were like didn’t matter. Back when he was dating them, he wasn’t ready so it didn’t matter. They shouldn’t compare themselves to Bee or wonder why he didn’t feel the same way about them as he does about his first lady, it just wasn’t meant to be. (no pun intended)

To wrap this all up, I want to encourage my sistas to be a listen more closely to what a man says. Watch with open eyes and judge his actions honestly. Don’t infuse you’re own interpretation to his words. In short listen to what he says, watch what he does. You’ll learn his intentions quickly. Most importantly if you see a man who is at the place in his life where he doesn’t give a f*ck, don’t try to wait it out or try to influence him to see you as wifey. You’re not his wifey. You’ll be waiting around untill he finds his “best thing”. If you’re lucky he may shout you out in a song later, but who wants that right? Run.


His Best Thing Pt 1

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While rap music is often a source of embarresment and disrespect towards the female gender, occasionally there are rare gems amongst the mysoginistic fray. While Gucci Mane chants “Beat her like a dog” his much more talented and sophisticated peer Jay Z did an intro for a song on Usher’s last album entitled “The Best Thing.” If you haven’t heard the record, basically Usher and Jay Z team up to talk about how their new brides are the best thing that ever happened to them. In Usher’s case….well never mind. There is a line in Jay Z’s intro that fascinates me. “Wrapped around all girls like pashminas, back then was my demeanor, the grass is always greener, I couldn’t give a f*ck, how could I give a finger?”

It’s a very simple line, but don’t miss its depth. “Back then I didn’t give a f*ck, how could I give a finger (in marriage)?” When I was a little girl my mother would always tell me, “Christal listen to what a man says. Watch his actions, pay attention. You’ll learn everything you need to know.” I dismissed her intensity, thinking she was just being dramatic and trying to scare me out of being in a relationship. Afterall, of course I would listen and watch. What else could I do, right? Wrong! Women don’t listen. There I said it. We don’t.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with friends where one of us will recite what a man said and then challenge the others to decode what he means. Madness I know, but when we’re talking it all makes sense. Nine times out of ten, no matter what grouping of words come out of the man’s mouth, your best girlfried will come up with an explanation that usually equals him being afraid of his feelings for you and insisting that you stick around to show him that they two of you ultimately belong together. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve listened and even participated in these decoding operations. What does one do when a man’s actions don’t match his words? He says he likes me, but he never calls. He doesn’t actually say he loves me, but we’ve been seeing each other for two years, I can tell by the way he looks at me that he loves me. I mean why would he keep seeing me if he didn’t have real feelings for me? Sound familiar? Of course. If there is estrogen coursing through your veins you’ve had a thought somewhat close to this run through your brain at some time. Well I for one have decided to wake up. Jay Z was almost clairvoyant. If a man doesn’t give a f*ck, how could he possibly give you a “finger” or in essence his heart?

Now let me clarify something. By saying not give a f*ck, I’m not speaking about men who are cruel or abusive. I’m talking about that nice guy who you hang out with that simply won’t go the extra mile when it comes to you. If you bring up marriage, suddenly he’s nervous. If you want to talk about defining the relationship he gets antsy. If you tell him that you see the two of you being together for an eternity, he smiles at you but doesn’t respond. He may like you for the moment but in the scheme of things, he doesn’t give a f*ck. So if you were to walk out of his life today, his life wouldn’t change all that much. For example, one of my best friends is a thirty eight year old man. Today he forwarded me a text from a young woman who was irritated with the fact that he wouldn’t take her out on a formal date. When they first met, she instructed him on all the things she wanted from a man. He listened and humored her for awhile, but had no intentions of doing any of the things she asked for. He was content to stay on the ride as long as the ride was smooth and he didn’t have to put to much effort into keeping the car coasting. After a short period of dating, she realized that effort in the relationship was painfully one-sided. She wised up and her response was to fire off an angry sistergirl text telling him she was through with him, after she reminded him how sexy she was. He laughed at the text and sent it to me and we laughed together.

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